Neon Rise

I just purchased remix and I wanted the neon rise application that I have seen in the tutorial videos. It was not included in the download. Where can I get it.

Could you please provide a little more information as there isn’t a application called Neon Rise. Could you give the link to the video you saw and we can see if there is a preset called that.

It’s “A Neon Rise” and it’s the first (and default) AI Remix style - left of the top row in the drop down box.


VIDEO: Creative Editing with Topaz Studio with Hazel Meredith (January 2019)
I saw this technique with Hazel Meredith. I saw it on the help menu of the
Topaz Studio.
Thank you for your speed response…
Pam Bredin

Unfortunately I don’t have it. The first box of mine says A Wave of
Color…and in the default drop down menu I have Paint Sppatter, Red Flare,
Sandy Mosiac, and Waves. I downloaded the trial first and then purchased
it today hoping A Neon Rise was in it.

Any suggestions? I love Topaz!
Thanks, Pam

The Drop Down box containing Paint Spatter is the Preset box. Below that make sure the Category is set to All and the first style should be “A Neon Rise”. If not then there’s a problem:

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Pam, what version of Studio do you have? A Neon Rise might be one of the more recent additions, so if you’re not running the most recent version of Studio you may need to update it.

I don’t have the category box. Under preset I have Style Stregth, low,
medium and high and under that the picture boxes but not in the same order
as yours.and preset says default.

So now what??

It says Version 1.12.6 and I tried to update it and it told me it was the
latest version.

Aha - we’re up to 1.14.1 now. I think you’ll need to download the latest version from their website:

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Thank you so much. I did install the latest version and it is all there.
I don’t know why it did not automatically download when I clicked on
updates…but all’s well that ends well and I thank you for all your help.”
Now I will go make some great images!!

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You’re welcome!

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