Need some help!

Many, Many moons ago I did the PP on this capture of the Mackinac Bridge and, for the life of me, can’t remember where in Topaz. Maybe at will ring a bell for some of you. Thanks and much appreciated!


Wayne - two possibilities come to mind - one some form of Glow and the other one of Adjust - I’ll think more to try to get my thoughts a bit more precise

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It must have been back in the plug-in era. Been checking my old PS plug-ins and just cant nail it. This is the image I was considering using it on - if anybody wants to take a crack at it feel free to download it - - -

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Maybe Simplify?

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I used @FlickColeman (thanks Flick) image and tried the Adjust Plugin_using the HDR Sketch preset.
It came close to the look you posted? It’s a start and you probably would have to apply some other Adjustments?

Screen shot of adjustment sliders:

Hope this helps?

Revised the image I made above using the Adjust plugin and added a Precision Contrast and Precision Detail adjustment in Studio and got this result:

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Thanks John! Good work. I give up trying the duplicate so went with a little Studio Giclee Print - -

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Michigander… It is beautiful. I have been looking for a way to process that look. Wish we could reproduce it.

Barb1315Barbara28m - do you mean the Bridge or the last Lighthouse pic?

the bridge thru the trees…

Here are two of my efforts - first with Glow2 and B&W and second with those two plus Lens Effects

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Both great flick.

@Michigander this is my rendering using Clean and Simplify.


Thought I would throw in a different rendition. I think this is my favorite. Thanks so much all for the help on this. It is appreciated.