Need help installing Topaz PhotoAI 1.3 as a plugin in Affinity Photo2. Mac OS 13.2.1

Need help installing Topaz PhotoAI 1.3 as a plugin in Affinity Photo2.

Both installs went fine (Mac mini M2 Pro 16/512 booted from external T7 SSD), but no plugins were found in Affinity Photo preferences panel.

I have no terminal skills, so I mucked about copying files between various plugin folders that I accessed via
“Show package contents” on the app files in the Applications folder. Finally the plugin showed up in AP2 and opened PhotoAI- but now PhotoAI won’t save a file until I BUY MORE SEATS!

Went back and deleted all the files I had copied. Took a while but I guess I got them all. PhotoAI works again, but no plugins in AP2.

Is there a simple way to make this work without setting off alarms or bricking my computer?

Which files do I need to move or copy, and from where to where?

If you search the internet or Topaz Labs support:

Thanks, but I’m unable to navigate to the proper folders via the Plugin Search Folders box. The files are hidden and not available. Do I need to enable root or something, in order to access the right folder? How do I do it?

I believe that with the latest Mac OS you need to give Affinity Photo access to the folders where the plugins are. Head over to the Affinity forums and do a search for file permissions there …

I believe that, I only use an iPad, with the latest Mac OS update they changed the security settings for applications.