Need for File Save Format that Lightroom can read

Since I can’t print from within Studio, I need to save the file so that Lightroom can import and print.

But all the combinations of SAVE AS for TIF are not readable in LightRoom. (I get a “The File appears to be unsupported or damaged”)

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Yes, this has been the case for some time but no sign yet of a solution. If you open the damaged file in Photoshop as opposed to Lightroom are you still not able to read it? Doing this and resaving the file worked for me and I was able then to bring it into Lightroom, hell of a messy workaround though and I’ve abandoned using Studio directly from Lightroom altogether.

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Clever (but as you point out, cumbersome) trick.

Mond, since you abandoned the Studio/Lightroom combo, what do you use to print?


For your workflow, what you can do in the meantime is open the image in Photoshop CC, do your work in Studio from there, then print from Photoshop CC or Lightroom after it is saved from Photoshop CC and you can be guaranteed that the image will be readable in Lightroom.

Once it has been resaved in PS it can be printed from Lightroom.

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