My upgrade expired a month ago - Now I see there is a new version

I could not download versions in Vietnam due to the slow bandwidth.

Now my 1 year of “upgrades” that were full of bugs expired a month or so ago.

It would be nice to be told that when your upgrade will be expired.

So the question is – do I lay what is it now $150 for this new version.

I have a Mac M3.

What will I get for my money? Is it is 100% bug free now? Every new version I get has bugs (2.x, 3.x, 4x. I have never received a version that was fully functional. So I am confused.

I’d pay the full price if it was without crazy bugs. But I feel I keep buying Beta versions. How much for a non-Beta version / experimental version?

That is the CLI version. You have to put in months of work and learning, but it’s the most bug-free.
Don’t buy TVAI 5 unless you encounter no deal-breaking bugs in the trial version.

You can trial v5.1.1 from our Topaz Labs Download Page to test out the latest version before making a purchase.

You can view your upgrade plan expiration dates in your “My Products" page in your Topaz Labs Account Page.