My saved image is too dark

Hi all. I’m new to Topaz & have a quick question. After i’ve Finished adjusting the image i’m Working on & saved the image to my hard drive, i’ve Noticed that my saved image is a lot darker than the image i’ve Just worked on. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Maybe my save settings are off a little? If anyone can give me any suggestions on how I can correct this excessive darkening, it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

It sounds like your color profile is being changed. This can happen if your input image does not have an assigned colorspace in the file, or if you are using one colorspace, but have opted to assign a narrower colorspace to the image. Can you provide details on your image?

I think I’ve found a solution.
It mainly happens with images I’ve created in Vue 2016, especially with those with darker areas (e.g. a landscape at dusk). After i’ve re-worked the image in Topaz, the dark areas in the image exported from Topaz (png or jpeg) are darker than the image on screen in Topaz BUT if I export the image as a tiff file, then there is no excessive darkening and the image looks the same as the one in Topaz. So going forward, I’ll just export the finalised images as tiff files :slight_smile: