My Rules of Issue Reports and Feature Requestse

I have…peculiar tastes, so I have a bit of insight into how these sorts of things are usually received. This is how I usually try to get my pet feature implemented. I hope it helps people at Topaz too; looks like their products are not too useful to me sadly: (

  1. Amplify- No one will fix support for some 1 in 50000 format unless it is incidental or unless you band together with other people who want it and keep it in the zeitgeist as long as possible.

  2. Focus - Find a high profile, potentially very profitable user that wants that implemented, and give her a spotlight. Play up revenue potential. VIPs have outsized impact.

Push Back - Even if the software is otherwise useful, if your important feature falls into the obscure, perennially forgotten category, use an alternative software that does.

As this site is a community of users that both uses and tests Topaz Labs products this thread has been closed to comments as it is totally irrelevant because people that buy software usually buy the software because it serves their purposes when they purchased.

Telling software users that they should get their ‘pet’ feature implemented even though there is otherwise noe demand is totally pointless. My advice is if you don’t need the software … simply don’t buy it.

And the other point here is that Topaz Labs software is usually unique.