My Results -- Mac M1 -- V2.6.4 and V3.0

For Mac users, this information might be helpful.

I ran the same video, using the same settings for Version 2.6.4 and Version 3.0 (1 to 3 instances) on the same hardware – Mac Mini 2020 M1 with 16GB RAM and 512 SSD.

You will see running multiple instances slows everything down.

I am not that educated on ffmpeg, but it appears that Version 3.0 runs it as a separate process, while V2.6.4 does not show ffmpeg as a process.

The original VEAI install files were 387MB for Version 2.6.4. and 123.4MB for Version 3.0.

Version 2.6.4 ran smooth and instantly when rendering (never odd delays).

Version 3.0 had a delay, then would render a few frames, pause and then render a few frames. It continued this pattern.

Regarding quality for this particular setting – it appeared similar. I was using low quality video and the result looked identical.

On both versions, they always download something, even if the project has not changed, so I am not sure how you can run this software without an internet connection.


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So please do not accuse me of double posting.

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What does a couple of days mean? And what are the rules on locking posts?

I think most have to admit this community forum is a wreck. It’s very random.

And those that say “Beta Tester” sometimes appear they work for the company and semi providing legal advice.

I’m just looking for transparency.

Can you clarify please?

The only people who can answer those questions are Topaz staff so you’ll need to contact them on the main website and raise a support request. The site criteria are customisable by Topaz Admin only and they do appear to make changes from time to time - as this is a user to user forum nobody here can answer those questions.

Then please implement a rule that “beta testers” should not try to answer the question, so there is no confusion.

You really need to have a membership only forum for “beta testers” because people are assuming they are technical support.

The consumer should not be interacting with a Beta Tester freely. All of the testers seem to have a different opinion on the future - causing confusion.

I want this product to work, but community support is.a wreck. Problems should go to technical support privately.

I just read that the Mac version will not provide the same quality results as the PC version. Why?

I use Adobe products on both platforms and they are the same. Pixel by pixel.

If the PC and Mac versions do not reproduce the same quality output then the project is doomed in any professional use. We have stavdards that we must use.

Again - I should have this as a disclaimer - I want this to tool to work, hence the frustration.

Again, you’ll need to talk to Topaz. I can’t implement any such rules, and nor can anybody else here.

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