My Priviews doesn't get saved

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Same thing is happening to me after latest update!

The team is aware of this issue and they are working to resolve this as quickly as they can.

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This issue makes this version unusable. How can I revert the update?

If you want to roll back a version you can download the installer file from the Video AI releases - community page and reinstall that version.

This error exist already in rel 5.1.0. I have waited that you should release a fix in your updates. I can’t remember in which rel it was ok. Your updates are coming so often and I can’t check everything every time.

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This is occurring for me also. Every change to the preview settings results in the previous preview being deleted from the directory. In addition, after creating a preview the preview window still indicates “not processed” even though it is. Version 5.04 does not have these issues. I reinstalled version v5.04 as the newer versions are just unusable.

Thanks for the tip

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