My preview is not working. It says it had a processing error

I cannot look at the preview of my video. It keeps saying processing error.

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it sometimes happens to me when I try previews in 4k, probably my graphics card is not powerful enough I think…

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Hi @rohan.patel, apologies for the delay here, seems we lost track of this post while reorganizing our forum tags – are you still experiencing this behavior in the latest version of Topaz Video AI?

Let us know, we’ll be much quicker to respond moving forward :slight_smile:

I h ave the same issue: I just downloaded topaz video ai to do a trial of upscaling 4k footage to 8k… and it won’t run… I get an error during preview… no explanation as to what error or why. I have a macbook with 2.9 ghz 6-c0re intel i9, radeon pro vega 20 4gb, 32gb ram, and sonoma 14.1.1

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I had that before, changing the output audio mode from copy to convert or even none sometimes helps.