My original account details lost when changing email address. Need help

Hi ;whoever is out there. Hopefully someone from Topaz. |

I changed my e-mail address about one year ago. As it turns out, my old email remained active and I still receive mails from Topaz there.

My new account does not show a record of my purchased products. This is a problem for me because I received an offer for a free download of Denoise AI, telling me to activate it with my old email address, but I am getting an error. Trying to recover my password using the old email address results in a message that it is not a valid email address. I would like to recover this account, since I would both very much like my copy of Denoise, and I also would like the records of my purchases. I still have all my activation numbers, sent originally to me when I bought the Topaz Suite.

I wrote to Tech Support, but there has been no answer, so I am here on this forum to ask what steps I can take.

Toby Marshall

Please raise a support request at the Topaz Labs web site, this is a user to user forum. The support you should ask for Managing my Account support not Technical Support.

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Thank you for the tip. It is not so easy to find this support site,
but I did find it now with your guidance and have opened a ticket
for support.

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