My mission: Make money from old photos using Topaz apps!

Yesterday I did a blog post describing my Topaz workflow for reviving my own older film-based and lo-res digital stock images with the intention of selling them through various online print-on-demand services.

Here are the final results, both having made use of Gigapixel and Studio. In fact, pretty much every photo I offer has been processed though Gigapixel and Studio!


Gibson gold-top with P90’s and 1960’s era GTO…those were the days! :slightly_smiling_face:

How do you sell the images? Does it work out well for you?

See the blog link, I reference my fineartamerica and Redbubble stores.

Amusingly, my most popular image has been a closeup of an Edsel grill with a Topaz Studio treatment!




I can see why the Edsel pic sells!

So, it sounds like you aren’t doing limited editions.

I don’t know what the Edsel attraction is but I need to work it some more! I did do this comp using an alternate pic of the same car (shot 15 years ago BTW). The boardwalk and ocean/cloud photos are also from the same time period.

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That’s a great way to deal with the classic car.

I love old cars. But it’s tough to get good pics at outdoor car shows b/wn the lighting & too many gawkers crowded around the cars (as well as less than scenic backgrounds). But then I’m challenged in auto museums too due to the pin lights they often use - making the cars look like they have white freckles (or, acne). Hmmm, maybe there’s a trend here with me being challenged taking pics… :thinking:

I tend to go for the detail shots, much simpler, even at car shows.

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Okay you inspired me to play with an image I shot at Petersen Automotive in L.A. (Los Angeles) a few years ago. Haven’t traveled since the pandemic… Before & After. I used SAI (masked) & Boris Fx Optics. Yours are much better. But it was fun to play! :blush::computer:

Very nice! There sure is some junk in that trunk!

I can relate… (unfortunately). And, I do mean me & not my car.

Too much computer time, I hear ya…

San Jose, CA used to have really cool art car fests each Fall. They had the funkiest, coolest art cars. But it’s been many years since they’ve held one. In normal times the only thing that’s anywhere nearby are the fancy schmancy “concours d’elegance” shows at Pebble Beach.

I actually saw a “car show” while out shopping yesterday. Two older guys with their '50s Chevys parked in a strip mall parking lot with a few lawn chairs around. One was for sale.

No photo taken then but I did grab one the last time I saw them in this same spot…

Wow. Is that a station wagon?

A Woody I think!

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Prehistoric ancestor to the SUV parked next to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

The station wagon seems to offer much more storage space (maybe?).

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And, a station wagon doesn’t invade the space of (or ding the doors of) “normal” cars parked next to it like SUV ‘trucks’ do…unclear why everyone needs monster gas guzzling trucks to drive kids to school vs offroaders. But I digress. We seemed to survive being driven in car sized station wagons. But nothing as super cool as a woody!