My method to make distant landscapes look better via Photo AI

I’ve found after blowing up thousands of my gigapixel nature pics at 6X and pixel peeping in close, that certain factors make the AI models grab on better.

So, if you have say a jpeg of a sharp to overly sharp distant landscape and want to blow it up and not have PAI mangle it, try blurring it first in Photoshop, Gaussian blur, going up to 2% depending on how large your photo is to begin with. Tiny photos don’t need so much blur. I’m working on 50 megapixel images.

Next, fade the amount of blur by 70-80% in Photoshop so a bit of the original sharpness bleeds through.

Now try to blow up your photo compared to the sharp version, using the newer V2 models, and usually you need some compression, and usually you need Removing Noise section activated, but all dials to zero on that section. You should see a much nicer, more natural looking blow up on grass, trees, etc. Also, since the file is already blurred by you, you should not need any de-noise sliders turned on.

If you are using raw files, export your raws to tiff files with barely any sharpness whatsoever to the point they are a bit blurry when you zoom in and the same thing should happen. Better PAI outcomes.

Each photo is different and it is a very fine point between blur and sharpness where the models seem to grab on right. You will have to play around a lot with this to get it just right.

Now after you get a nice looking blow up, it might be a little soft, but then just open in Photoshop and add a touch of sharpness.

Also, it usually works best when your V2 model sliders are on the lower end and sometimes the sharpness tool can help but usually around 20 or less on that with no denoise.

I said a lot of usuallys. Again, each photo is different.

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Thanks for sharing that workflow :slight_smile: I’ll have to experiment with this on my machine!

Yeah, in my use case, generally speaking, blurry blows up better than sharp. For distance photos, using blur, the little plants have cute little leaves, grass has delicate strands. Sharper photos, for me, typically are more smeary and don’t have the fine details blown up. And when I say blown up, I mean 600%, as that is all I use.

As I said though, each photo is different and you usually need more blur than you like. Up close photos sometimes work the same, but sometimes not so much. Blurred and straight from raw to tiff usually gives me the best results.

Hope it works for you!

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