My Looks... in Studio 2.3.2

I updated Studio 2 today and there are no “my looks”. Two events are possibly related here… I moved to a new computer with PCMover AND I updated Studio 2. Before I updated, there were no Looks at all, not built-in ones and not my looks. Now there are the built-in ones. Maybe I did something wrong in the install, because now I have a new directory on the C drive named Judy (my name) that contains Topaz Labs LLC and under it Topaz Studio 2 with filters, looks, textures, etc. Maybe I made a mistake in the install because of course the old stuff is in AppData.

Anyway, I do have the files here, including My Looks under Looks
C:\Users\judy_\AppData\Local\Topaz Labs\Topaz Studio 2\Looks\My Looks

So I can move them, but where to? They are already in where I would think things belong. Do I make a directory called My Looks under Looks in the new top level directory Judy mentioned above?

(I don’t know why the new Windows install decided to put an underscore after my name in appdata… )

You should have the following folder:

C:\Users\judy_\Documents\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Studio 2\My Looks

which is where you should copy them.

only has the usual My Music, My Picture, My Videos

And isn’t it strange that the official looks, filters, and textures are in a directory with this kind of path? Not in Users at all?

C:\Judy\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Studio 2

This directory was created today when I updated to the latest Studio 2.

I made a new look with the new Topaz Studio 2… and I found the file… This is the path…

D:\Judy\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Studio 2 User\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Studio 2\My Looks

I would call this seriously messed up. This “Judy” directory at the top level of a drive is the same as it made on the C drive. On the C drive it contains the official looks (and other stuff). On the D drive is my “stuff”.

To be “fair”, Studio 2 WAS installed on the D drive on my old computer, but I asked the new one to be installed on the C drive because I now have 1 TB SSD boot drive… I still think it’s seriously messed up!

But I put my looks there and it found them.

It appears this Judy directory at the top level is a new Microsoft idea? On my D drive there is a subdirectory of a Judy directory called “OneNote Backups”… and OneNote is a Microsoft product.

My windows 10 file system placed the My Looks folder entirely somewhere else. Why isn’t this a consistent file path I wonder? Mine is located at C:\Users\Titan-R7\AppData\Roaming\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Studio 2\My Looks. Newly created looks and those I want to add to Topaz Studio from other sources by copy and paste all go into this file folder.