My issues with Topaz AI

When I edit in AI the page is not centered in my monitor. Noise removal in AI is not satisfactory; it is either too little or too much. It may look good in the preview, but when I get it back to Lightroom, there are pockets of noise. As for sharpening, ‘subject only’ should be an option rather that a default.

Thanks for your insight, I’d like to address each point you brought up.

Are you able to drag the application around your screen?

For noise removal, are you using the default settings in Preferences and letting Autopilot run? Can you share some examples of over or under denoising?

You can toggle off the “Subject Only” option in the Sharpen filter. If you don’t want the subject to be detected at all, you can change the settings in the Preferences > Autopilot > Subject Detection > none.