My Friend Fran

I shot this photo back in 2010. I’ve known Fran for about 25 years. He’s a very mechanically inclined individual that retired from the computer business. I’ve played with this photo over the years that was shot in color but could never capture what I think Fran is about. The other day I decided to do a black and white conversion using B/W Effects 2. Before getting there I used DeNoise, Adjust 5 and Detail.


Nice portrait. The B&W works well.

Thank you for viewing and commenting.

Excellent work Harry …

Excellent work …

Thank you Bob.

Thanks Don.

A beautiful portrait.

Thank you for the kind comment, Bluemoon5.

Top job!

Thank you, Michael. I appreciate the kind comment.

I love this portrait because the personality of your friend seems to light up the image. Rarely do I see a portrait of an individual that makes me think that I would like to meet that person. This one does!

What a kind assessment. He is that type of person. Thank you for the wonderful comment.

top notch portrait

You’re very kind, Terry. Thanks for looking and commenting.

Credit where credit is due - you say the guy is passionate about engineering - a shot with him in his workshop with the gear is the “best” way of showing that and putting him totally at ease

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