My exports just freeze forever

I’m trying for some days to edit and export some files on Topaz Video AI, but it always freezes and doesn’t work at all… I already tried reinstalling Topaz Video AI, tried to edit long and short videos and it just keeps happening… Can anyone help? Or maybe fix it on a update?

Are you using motion deblur?
I was freezing while upscaling to 4k while also raising framerate, enhancing, stabilizing, etc., until I turned off deblur. Now I do the deblur in its own 2nd pass as a workaround which is working for me.

I’m not using motion deblur…

I am getting better results with Iris using motion deblur.
I use Version 3.5.0
I cannot recomment using 3.5.1 or

Hello, Thanks for the report. Our dev team has confirmed that this will be fixed in tomorrow’s release! (v3.5.2)

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