My App keeps shutting itself down

I’m a brand new user and my app keeps shutting itself down after a few minutes. doesn’t matter if im in the middle of a upscale or stepped away for a minute. nothing is saved if im working on something when i open it back up. does anyone have a solution or this issue? another issue is when I hit save…the processing time is like soooo slow if it even finishes before it crashes. My internet speed is over 200 up/ and over 200 down. like its taking a few minutes to load like 2 or 3 %
Update: now it crashes when i simply hit save . really?? i did uninstall and reinstall…now its worse.

What is “your app”?

What do mean?

What app are you talking about?

Gigapixel AI

Please raise a support request at the main website support page. You will see a blue call-out icon with a “?” in the center, click on that and follow the instructions.

I did this morning! Nothing yet!

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Hello :purple_heart:

it may be a hardware problem. Check if you have sufficient memory (RAM) and CPU/GPU power. Gigapixel runs locally and needs quite a bit of ressources, close all other things that use system ressources. You can also try to look at File - Preferences and try different settings for AI processor and Allowed memory consumption, maybe it helps …

Under Help you can find a menu item File logging and check if it is set to on, you can also select Gather logs for support.

Good Luck! :four_leaf_clover:

I have 64 GB
Avail 50GB
I7 Processor
8 Core

Gigapixel AI

I can’t work with these issues if it cannot be resolved I want a refund

Go to Help → Graphics info., press Copy at the bottom of the dialog and paste the information here.

Note that the actual requirements for GigaPixel AI are listed on the Topaz Labs website here:

Take particular note of the GPU requirements.

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