Must process twice in AI - SOLVED MYSELF

Recently I have to process each image twice with using the Lightroom Classic plug-in. I use the Photo-> Edit in-> Topaz AI, Edit a copy with Lightroom adjustments (which is doesn’t, it just takes the original TIFF). It processes the image and says it saves it, but it doesn’t (it also doesn’t add the -2 to the filename it says it’s saving). AI closes out, goes back to Lightroom and there’s only the original file. I repeat the process only this time it saves it with the -2 suffix and then there is the AI processed file.

Steps to reproduce issue:
From LIghtroom Classic

  1. Photo → Edit In → Topaz AI
  2. Edit a copy with Lightroom Adjustments
  3. Let AI process the images
  4. Save image to Adobe Lightroom Classic

Topaz Photo AI [v2.3.1] on [Mac], Sonoma 14.2.1

Just found this. What does this mean and how else do we move from a Lightroom Classic workflow without using the “Edit In” feature?

SOLVED! Finally found this (screenshot below). The “external editor plugin” has worked since I started using the product (before they merged into AI) and now suddenly it stopped and I have to get to the tool through a different path. Don’t know if this was Topaz that caused it or Lightroom but at least I found the solution.

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Awesome! I’m glad that you were able to work through this.

If you ever need support in the future you can reach out to us here or using the following link:

Topaz Labs | Support Page

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