Multiple videos in succession via "Show Export Command"

If you select multiple videos in the interface, only the first video is displayed in the “Export Command” line.
It would be nice if one “Command” would be shown for all marked videos. And ffmpeg would process them one after the other.
Is this generally possible? How could I manually string together several export commands in the terminal?

You can string together multiple commands in the terminal by using && or putting them in a script file.

Using &&:

  • To string multiple commands together, you can put && between each one like this:
ffmpeg -i video_1.mp4 ... output_1.mp4 && ffmpeg -i video_2.mp4 ... output_2.mp4 && ffmpeg -i video_3.mp4 ... output_3.mp4

Putting them in a script file:

  • If you’re on Windows, create a .bat file and edit it.
  • Add a unique command on each line like this:
ffmpeg -i video_1.mp4 ...
ffmpeg -i video_2.mp4 ...
ffmpeg -i video_3.mp4 ...
ffmpeg -i video_4.mp4 ...
  • Run the .bat file (This can be done by double clicking on it)

  • If you’re on macOS, it needs to be a .sh file, you may need to change it’s permission to executable (chmod +x "/path/to/sh_file") then run it in the terminal


Thanks 20rushtonj you helped me a lot!

If you have more than 5 movies it gets a bit time consuming though. It would be nice if Topaz would automatically create the “&&” and the individual settings when selecting multiple movies.