Multiple audio tracks

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Seen a thread talking about multiple audio tracks…

Any news when we could expect multiple audio track support in official release (copy and transcode) ?

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I second this… I often upscale DVDs/Bluerays… having to manually take an additional step after updating to include all the audio streams (and also subs) is quite tedious. When upscaling a TV series, with 26 DVDs, every extra step is a pain ^^

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Seems we’re doing the same (o;

For others: It is legally allowed to make DVD/Blu-ray copies in .ch (o;

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I’ll vote for that. There is one other post, but it also talks about another feature. The best part, is that this feature will be a low effort thing for them to implement. FFMPEG already can do most of it. It would only be hard for them if they want to add encoding to DTS or good quality AC3.

Yes, here in Europe we have multiple languages. I always have to edit the default flag for the language with mkvtoolnix to converse my language when running Topaz V AI. That of course conserves only 1 language.
Would be great if all tracks, audio and subtitle (and chapter) would be copied

I do watch my old TV series in their original languages. German, English, French.

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I would be happy with a simple “copy all audio streams” - I don’t even need audio transcoding. Important is just, keep the language tag of the streams.

@richard.klingler : Hoi Landsma :wink: - Seems so, currently upscaling JAG & Ein Käfig voller Helden :wink:

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@tobias Heck i forgot about the subs. Yeah, that would be great to also keep all the subs.

And the chapters. Those can be kept too.

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