Multi-pass Processing via the Command Line Interface (CLI)

i did see another post from 2022 talking about this, but it is still something that needs brought up over and over until it becomes a reality.

I currently use the CLI through a BAT file, but this is a one time deal. What i really need it to do is to upscale 2 times using this, but it is not possible to automate this action.

i want it to upscale an image 2x then save it and then 3x after that. The DPI could be controlled better as it upscales like this instead of just doing 5x in one pass which could drop it down to 150DPI instead of 300DPI.

Since PhotoAI uses presets now, it would be great to have access to these using the Command Line.

Thanks for the idea and suggestion regarding the CLI interface! Please make sure that you do not forget to vote for your idea :slight_smile:

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