Mt Hood


Hey CB,

About where/when did you shoot this?

Wonderful capture, love the clouds and color of the sky

Hi Mark,

This image was taken mid October 2009. I don’t recall exactly where it was taken from, but I think it was on the road up to Timberline Lodge.

Oh, OK. Just looked further S.E. Knew it couldn’t be too recent with that much “bareness” showing. In any case, that’s a really nice Lenny you caught there.

Yeah, Mahalo. And we sold our house on the Big Island. Heading back to the PNW second week of February. Yikes. First stop will be REI to stock up on warm socks.

Guess I’ll beat you by only a couple weeks. Moving back to Orygun end of this month.
Hope to finally get to use some of my Western Marine & REI gear I got in SoCal. Literally the weekend the drought began some years back.