Moving Topaz Restyle Presets into Color Theme in Studio

I have several presets (.tpp files) in Restyle that I would like to import into the Color Theme Adjustment in Studio but can’t seem to find a way to do it. Is this possible? Just to be clear I would like to specifically import the color palettes - any other info in the preset is not required. Thanks.

I don’t believe it is possible as the products work in different ways, i.e. Color Theme is a color by color adjustment and ReStyle is automated, but please raise a support request and ask if it can be done.

You can raise a support request at:

Thanks. I just wanted to check before building Color Theme presets from scratch.

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That is not currently possible as Color Theme and Restyle use a completely different process to generate their styles. Once we migrate ReStyle into Studio officially I want to ensure you can migrate your presets as we’ve done with other migrations

Sounds good - looking forward to all of the remaining plugins being migrated. Thanks.