Move a licence from one PC to another

I am now getting very disillusioned. Dealing with this computer interface to explain my issue is just as annoying. I fear that I have no hope and you have separated another fool from their money.

I bought the latest version and installed it on the PC I wanted to use. That is not the one that has the demo version which worked okay. My bought installation, on my chosen PC, is faulty and hangs at the Auto phase that tries to recognize faces. Otherwise maybe the PC is limiting it’s performance. Therefore, I wish to transfer the license to the PC that seemed to cope with the software.

I was hoping for some direction on how to proceed but there is none and the auto guessing machine is miss guessing my problem and therefore, it cannot help me.

I shall try logging out and relogging in on the other PC.

Otherwise, I have no patience with a chat facility. I need help, not a chat.

Just log out from the PC it is currently on and log in on the other.

Thank you. I did that as I had no other option. Thank you for the quick response.

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