MOV export - thanks!

Just want to post a quick thanks that the MOV format is available at all — it’s super useful because it lets me view the output in progress without most players freaking out that the file is incomplete.

(I can also be extra careful not to touch the file-in-progress, by using File > Duplicate — with an APFS disk, this takes up zero extra disk space; in fact I have a Shortcuts script that just creates duplicates every 60 minutes, very useful to keep “backups” of a task that takes days to complete!)

Thanks for including MOV container support because it’s been getting less popular over time, even though it was the only thing out there in 1991, and every other container format has always removed a handful of features that MOV always had. Some people just found some features unimportant!


believe it or not but i think any single digital photo camera of the last 20 years used the mov container for video storage. Even my relatively new Nikon z50 does!

Nice! It’s gonna be because it’s super old, or super flexible. One of those two. If you want to shove a series of PICTs or something wacky into a container, MOV is there for you.

One of my crazy fantasies is to turn an ATSC or DVB multiplex into a MOV container with simultaneous streams. The same applies to multi-angle DVDs, those rare beasts.