Mouse cursor movement isn't as fluid as the rest of the operating system

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This has been happening to me since the first version 3, I never gave it any importance because I thought it was something obvious and that it would be fixed soon. But seeing that we are about to reach version 3.10 I think it’s about time to report this nonsense performance bug. You see, I have a 165Hz monitor, and Windows 11 runs at 165FPS stable, when I drag windows, when I move the mouse, when I minimize… all the animations and everything run at 165FPS as they should. The problem comes later with TVAI that when I move the mouse inside the application window, it looks slower, as if the window was running at 60fps instead of the 165FPS it should be running at. Those of you with monitors with refresh rates above 60Hz will know how visually uncomfortable it is that some UI elements do not move at the maximum FPS that the monitor accommodates. The weirdest thing of all is that this 60FPS is not constant throughout the program execution time, it happens at times, as if something in the background was interfering with the program performance, which makes no sense because it happens sometimes even when the program is in IDLE, apart from the fact that the mouse cursor should not be affected as it is part of the operating system, something totally separate from the app, but for some strange reason passing it through the TVAI window affects its visualisation. This has never happened to me with other applications.

Can you please post your full system profile and a quick screen recording so that we can see the issue clearly?

Oftentimes it is easiest to share a screen recording for issues like this to quickly show me exactly what is happening. I use Loom for screen recordings since this is a free and easy to use app.

How To Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)

I’ve attached it all in the main post, while I’ve discovered another bug, you can open multiple times the options window and they are superimposed on top of each other.

About the bug mentioned in the main post, as you can see it in the video happens every time I open a new options window, the mouse cursor is laggy for about 3 seconds, also when I drag the window on the desktop the movement is very laggy too.

PS: As the recording with OBS only supports up to max 60FPS you can’t see it as I already assumed… Do you know of a program that allows recording at higher FPS?

Thank you very much! I do not, however, we can see the issue in your recording and our development team is looking into this.

It may be a few days before I have new information for you.

Our team investigated this and this is a QT thing on windows. At this time, there is no solution :frowning:

QT thing? What do you mean?

Qt is a C++framework for developing graphical user interfaces and cross-platform applications, both desktop and embedded.

I assumed it was a framework for interfaces, these problems usually happen specially the ones who aren’t native for Windows, do you use the latest version of QT? If not, you could update, and if so, report the bug to the QT developers and maybe they will fix it and you will be able to apply it to your programs.

Topaz Video AI is on 6.3 and we cannot update at this time due to some issues with our other apps, however, we will update when we are able to

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