Motion Deblur Shifts Colors

If I use “Motion Deblur”, blues turn purplish/reddish.
If I leave all other settings the same, but turn Motion Deblur off, the colors go back to normal.

(Motion Deblur ON)

(Motion Deblur OFF)

Can you share the input file with me?

You can securely submit your files(s) to our Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.

Submit File to Dropbox

It’s uploading right now. I shot it with a Sony a7r iv.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: I think I was shooting in crop mode and also had digitally zoomed all the way in when I was shooting this, which seems to have affected the image quality (although I couldn’t really tell on the built-in screen).

Hey Albert, I am not seeing your file at this time. What name did you submit it under? Also, do you see the color shift when looking at the file in an external player? If so, which one?

I submitted the file yesterday using the link you sent, and I thought it finished, but maybe not?

I haven’t exported the file from Video AI yet, but the issue was noticed in the preview in Video AI.

I won’t be back at home until late today.

-Albert Z.

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I still have not seen a file come through from you, unfortunately.

If the issue is in Preview, please open the preview in an external player to check to see if this shift only occurs in the in-app player.

I’m trying to upload the file again right now. There has been a version update since the last time. The color problem still occurs. I opened the preview in QuickTime Player and it is visible there as well. I’m uploading both the original file and the preview. The preview is generated from the very beginning of the original video clip, which is a long clip, but I didn’t cut it down because I wanted to make sure you had the original file.

Ok, Dropbox says it’s finished uploading. If you didn’t get the files, Dropbox is lying.

It appears to be Quicktime that is causing the color shift, when I open the file in VLC, there is no shift (that I see). First image is Vlc and second is Quicktime.

Are you looking at the source file or the Topaz preview?

I see something like what you’re showing me (which appears to be a difference in saturation) when I open the source file in QuickTime Player and VLC, but the purple color shift I described was occurring in the Topaz preview.

I can’t seem to find the preview on my computer anymore (the Topaz program may have deleted it from the preview folder), so I can’t compare it between programs unless I generate a new one, but you’ll see in the screenshots I uploaded that the reddish-purple shift was visible IN the Topaz program.

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For the examples above, I previewed a section of your file and then opened it in different media players. I am not seeing a purple shift, would you mind circling the areas where you see a purple shift?

These issues can take some back and forth to have a clear understanding of since our eyes are all a bit different :slight_smile:

Take a look at the screenshot that I previously submitted, which you can see in this discussion (top image):
Do you not see how the preview in Topaz is more reddish-purple than the source input?

Also, have you tried inputting the source file I sent you into Topaz Video AI and applying “Motion Deblur”?
As previously mentioned, the part where the purple shift was noted is right at the beginning of the source clip if you want to use that same portion for reference.

I opened the screenshot of Topaz Video AI in Photoshop and used the eyedropper tool to select the same spot on the guy’s suit in the input source on the left and then the output preview on the right and used the eyedropper to sample the colors, and took a screen shot of the results for each. In case you can’t see that the suit is blue on the left and purple on the right, you can look at the values of the color selector, which show that that the suit is, in fact, purple on the right and blue on the left.

Goodness! Took me long enough, but now it is very clear!! Yes, I was able to reproduce this. I was super focused on the overall image and the red, I was failing to see the color change on the suit.

THANK YOU for sticking with me :slight_smile: We are looking into this!

We looked into this and unfortunately, this is not an issue with just Themis. This is a part of the general color shifting we are working to resolve.

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