Motion Blur showing black not blue

…and when I use it there is an indication that it is a trial. I purchased the Pro Pack and all the other extra adjustments are showing blue. I have tried Synchronizing the Adjustments and Validate plug-ins but nothing changes. I own all the plug-ins from Topaz and am completely mystified why ‘Motion blur’ should be excluded from the adjustments. Any ideas would be gratefully received.

When did you purchase your Pro Pack as Motion Blur wasn’t released until v1.1.1 - what that means is that if you purchased before the Motion Blur release you would need to purchase it separately.

You can check the timing with your invoice for the Pro Pack and the release date for Motion Blur was August 8.

Motion Blur was not part of the original Pro Pack.offerings. It is newly added. However to upgrade, purchase the Propack again, you will not be charged for the Adjustments you already own according to their ad. I expect that the new Adjustment will be the only charge shown but it will be at 50% of the price it is purchased on it’s own. $7.50 instead of $15.

According to my Account, Motion Blur was in the Pro pack that I purchased - it is listed as part of my purchase and is the only one that is black and not blue.

My last receipt from Topaz was for 20th September which I believe would have been for the additional pro pack items.

I have just re-downloaded it via a purchase, synchronised, updated and it is still black.

Raise a support request at the link above.

Thanks for the help everyone - not sure why but with the new update this morning everything is now working OK.

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Great! We’ve made a number of improvements to the backend that should alleviate sync problems for many people.