Mother and child

Leaves in my garden pond.


I like the simplicity of this


I shot this image because my westie, Maggie, was barking in the house like crazy. I looked out a window to see an antlered deer in my yard, a fairly rare occurrence. I grabbed a camera and ran outside to find the deer gone, probably spooked by the barking. I happened to look at my small garden pond and noticed very dark and very light leaves. My attention was immediately drawn to the image above as it looked like a mother and child.

I go out photographing nearly every day and remind myself fairly often to stop and really look around, because there are truly compelling images everywhere. But, obviously, the key to being a decent photographer is simply owning a West Highland White Terrier.

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Indeed. And you found one right at home. Simple, pretty, with strong seasonal feel - well done.

Best regards

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Unless you want images of antlered deer of course :grin:

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