Morning take off

Processed using Luminar 4 and Topaz Denoise AI.


Looks like fun …very colorful.

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That really pops!

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Thanks Bob and JLG. The early morning light helps and I like color!

Really nice result, as said it really pops…

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Beautiful image Ron. Great colors, too!

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Thanks Don and Peter.

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Love the flat illustration style of this.

But - if you don’t mind my saying so - the green patch (is it a balloon waiting to be inflated?) in the foreground is throwing me and holding too much of my attention. It kinda (to my way of seeing) doesn’t fit the rest of the illustration (possibly b/c of the amount of it (crop a bit?), hue/vibrance of green and the texture since most of the rest is flat).

To me, the ‘star’ of this is your mid-ground. That’s where I would like my attention to rest or return to.

Have you experimented with cropping a bit tighter & darkening down that vibrant green. Here’s what I see in my mind when looking at this really nice shot & interesting processing…


It has a very Thomas Hart Benton gestalt to it (which I like a lot!!).

The green (often they are blue) is a tarp where some people lay their balloons while inflating. I agree it is a bit bright and toning it down will allow your eye to concentrate on the balloons. I did that below and smooth it out then cropped most of it out. Thanks for the input.


Cool! I like that better that way. But you have to pls you. So whatever makes you happiest with it.

As a viewer I didn’t have the emotional connection of having been there. So can only go on what I see in the image.

That’s interesting about the tarp to protect the balloons. It’s been too long since I went to a balloon fest (even with dawn patrol!) for me to remember if there was anything on the ground besides the balloons themselves. I do remember wanting to get shots with the guys standing inside the opening with the flames shooting into the partially inflated balloon. Wow. Talk about hot. I backed off after a quick shot b/c I didn’t know what that heat might do to my camera/lens.

@Fotomaker On grass they will usually not use a tarp but this is on dirt and small rocks. Take a look at this one on a very cold night. The heat felt good. All hail the god of fire

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Oh yeah. That fiery one is cool and sort of the kind of feel I’d been hoping (unsuccessfully) to capture. Also explains why I didn’t see/remember tarps. Where I went was grassy…