Morning Commute

Ken recently wondered if my style might change if we move back to the mainland. Yeah, me too. I think perhaps more straight up photography. Anyway, this is a shot of Mt. Rainier taken several years ago from a good friends sailboat headed into Seattle for breakfast at Café Campagne. Better to have friends with boats than to have one yourself. :sunglasses:

And I know for sure my wardrobe will change significantly. Sigh… :cry:


What a wonderful way to start the day - I want a friend with a boat now too!

Funny comment… made me laugh. I’m sure you will go thru a big adjustment from the weather in paradise to Seattle!

I’m sure you have plenty of Hawaiian images you will continue to digitally process and enjoy doing so. But it will be interesting to see your new images & style from the mainland as well. The image above is very beautiful and I will enjoy seeing your future images of both.

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Don’t worry about the wardrobe thing. That’s what REI is for.

And as you figured out, friends (or in my case a brother) are definitely what boats are for.

So, if you just happened to see this from a casual sail boat trip, time to have your friends introduce you to the rain forest.

Hi Mark, Yeah, I lived in Olympia for 30 years and made into the Olympics frequently. See the link below.

Very interesting discussion. I like the photo a lot and there is certainly nothing wrong with straight up photography. But I could also see this photo being done in an aggressive painterly style like your Hawaiian works, only with a lot darker color palette

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Ah, well then your’e well initiated, just maybe not yet reaclimated. :wink:

Ya, I’m going to have to undo about the same amount of SoCal time when I move back to the Portland area in a few months, so will be in the proverbial same boat.

That is the truth, been there and done that. We had the boat taking friends out but had all the problems that go with boats. I love your photo it a great shot of Mt Rainier.