More INTEL GPU support to allow true Multiple GPU processing in Topaz Video AI

More Intel GPU support for Intel i9 13th gen chip integrated video GPU with Intel ARC GPU video PCI cards. To allow Topaz Video Ai to fully utilize both INTEL GPUs at the same time in Topaz Video AI processing. Thank you. ntm

they won’t, they didn’t even optimize Nvidia

specify NVEncC 264/265 - still uses the CPU (AI processing: Nvidia)

By the way
hired “managers” work on this website/forum

There are no real developers here. so they don’t understand “terms/words”

We did optimize for Nvidia use and your comment is highly inaccurate. Our team reviews all posts and the TVAI team consists of two knowledgeable product specialists and our development team.

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Great suggestion! The ARC situation is a work in progress, unfortunately, there are a few issues on the Intel side that are preventing these drivers from working as intended with the latest releases. This should be resolved shortly :slight_smile:

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then why is the CPU being loaded?
when I choose
AI processing Nvidia + H.264/265 Nvidia

GPU utilization depends on a lot of factors, including the different models used and the parameters you are using.

Also what are you using to track your GPU performance? If you are using Task Manager it is important to note that Task Manager is not the most reliable source of information for GPU and CPU consumption. To get a better idea of how the app is utilizing your GPU, you will want to switch from 3D to Graphics_1.

Furthermore, please make sure that you have your memory usage set to high. This can be found by navigating to File > Preferences and will be the second option under AI Processor.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


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Also, if you are having issues you will need to open a Support ticket. This is an idea’s thread and is intended to ask questions about the idea that was shared not to troubleshoot or bring up new ideas/issues.

Thanks! and I will create posts with a complaint/issue if the error is critical-permanent and not solved by other software

For specific issues that are not bugs, you will need to write in via Support and I will troubleshoot the issues with you.

fix “resize/upscale” and “auto-shutdown”

resize = just only PAR/DAR

shutdown - 1-Software and 2-PC system

some videos are wrong size

on other software - without loss of quality 1280*720 - Using only ‘PAR’

and Topaz Video can’t do that - it adds black bars on top/bottom

You will need to post your own “idea” post since this has nothing to do with the OP’s idea.

I belief the driver from Intel for ARC is still Beta and I am not from topazlabs and probably the modst critical contributor this is a typical Intel issue lagging behind the curve for quit some time even Apple moved to ARM and kicked Intel away So this is a bit of nonsense I would blame this on Intel

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now I have had more complaints about topazai and my so called underperformarning nvidea card but Since this version my MSI center immediately shows a popup when Topaz AI starts that it will use High power starts switching to extreme performance something which means the GPU will get an additional 200 MHZ boost. Yes Max your memory for GPU and set your System in control panel to High performance update your Studio drivers and I must say the performance of this product is now much and much better than several versions ago. I still do not like the product I still think it could do much better as there are to many filter options

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:sweat_smile: for me

AI processing: Nvidia RTX 30
Nvidia 264/265 +10bit


other codecs are useless
quality effect - almost the same, but spends a lot of time on processing - sometimes 2 times and sometimes 13 hours

in the near future INTEL-GPU will become like “Superman” - and now an ordinary beginner without experience

I highly agree that Topaz Video AI should allow multi GPU processing. I just checked this morning while using Video AI preferences, and it only allow to choose a a single GPU. It should be able to utilize multi GPUs to run at the same time.

forced coding are different
if you have checked laptop or desktop

Topaz Video uses the old technology “CUDA” - loads the GPU-VRAM and processes it using the CPU

Modern Nvidia has changed - they themselves use “CUDA” without a CPU

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