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Both are very nice, I think I prefer the inviting curve of the second image…

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I agree with Ken …nicely done.

Same here… nice work.

I like both of them as well, Terry.

@KenKv @BobKramer @cre8art @fotoman - thanks for the positive comments

Hey Terry … I have to say that the quality of your images are always up there but the signature you use detracts as it is extremely distracting and focuses the eye on the signature not the image. :slight_smile:

loving the second image

@ShazzyCo thanks - it’s one I like too.
@AiDon - thanks - I’ll take that as praise, but the fact that my images are “always up there” and I’ve had work published and a few exhibited is the very reason that the signature is large.

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me too

Think the “curve” has it then
Thanks @Laundromat for looking

Great texture on both. Also like the composition of the second but first has a appeal of its own. On photos that I send I put in my name and reduce the opacity of the type so it does not over-power the image. This is, easily, done in Picasa.

@Michigander - thanks for the positive comments. My logo is applied in LR and was constructed in PSP so I have complete control over it – I may or not change it — it will need update at the end of the calendar year

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