More flexibility in upscaling

Two parts to this enhancement request.

1. I often want to upscale an image by other than an integer multiple. PhotoAI allows entering one decimal place, like 1.2, but no more than one. So size changes like 1.25 or 0.75 can’t be entered directly. I have to calculate the new number of pixels and enter a new size instead of a multiple. That is, the human user has to do arithmetic for the computer.
Request: Allow entry of a number with any number of decimal places, allowing fractional upscaling like 1/8 (1.125) or 1/16 (1.0625).

2. I often want to resize a batch of photos to other than an integer multiple. There is currently no way to so this, as far as I can tell. Upscaling 50 or 100 photos one by one is tedious and error-prone – just the kind of thing you want to delegate to a computer.
Request: In edit/preferences/output-size allow an arbitrary resize factor as in my item 1 above.