More Control?


AI does not always know what is best for my picture.
Sometimes you want to have more control over the results then Topaz IA gives you.
In the 3 separate programs are more options. Sometimes you want to experiment with this to get the best professional result to send to your clients.
Working with the 3 apps is time consuming.
It would be great if I can have all those options available in Topaz AI. Maybe with a [PRO settings] or something.
You could also make this option only available for the buyers who also own the other 3 separate programs.
I really hope that you will concider this because it will be a great time saver to get the best result. Because AI does not always knows what is best for my picture!!

Thanks for your feedback, Chris.

We’d been developing with the vision that Autopilot will know what’s best for the image. But as we found, users want to have more granular control. Our next few updates will bring back a lot of that functionality within the settings and preferences panel.

We appreciate your insight. Let us know what you think of the next few releases.

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