Monument Valley


Wonderful shot Ron. I especially like that the sky is not just blue because the clouds add some ‘drama’ to your image.


Very nice shot and processing! I agree with @Laundromat

We just saw this yesterday in the opening of indian jones 3 movie which we watched on dvd this weekend (along with arches nat park and others) :slight_smile:

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I don’t travel much now but I have been to many national parks, especially in the SW. I got caught in a snow storm at the top of Rocky Mtn park (in June) when I was in my 20’s driving a little 1971 Toyota and the car spun around and finally stopped about 4 feet from the cliff edge with no guard rail. It was a total white out and I have never gone back.


Excellent shot of Monument Valley, I guess the left mitten. I love monument valley, and this captures the mood and intensity of this beautiful place.

Thanks Xiaolin (love that name). Yes, it is the left mitten. You should post pictures, since you taught photography I imagine you have many.