Montana Beauty

Half a dozen Topaz effects layered over each other.


Beautiful portrait work …

Nice work James.

One comment; if it were me I would do some additional work on her chest. To me it looks hairy.

I agree with John. One drawing effect makes her have a hairy chest. Pretty woman though.

nice - but always “be kind” to a woman’s skin :wink:

For those of you who had the audacity to criticize my image . . . Thank you very much – seriously – all of you were correct about the skin issue. I know for myself that sometimes I look so closely when editing my images I don’t see an obvious problem. Lessons learned: 1) Step back and take a long objective look at your “finished” image before launching it into the world, and, 2) Be open to constructive criticism.

So, with the taste of humble pie still fresh in my mouth, I submit Montana Beauty II - Skinosity Delecto.


Good work James.

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Great job on this revision.

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