Moiré Patterns & Scanlines Remover

So I’ve been using Gigapixel, Sharpen, Denoise, Photo AI and Video AI for a couple years now and one feature I really wish existed was something specifically to remove scan lines and moiré patterns. I’m by no means an expert on photoshop or editing, I consider myself a bit of a novice but more proficiency than the average person and the one thing that truly holds me back from some outstanding photo restorations are these noise patterns. I typically have to use denoise on an extreme setting, then subsequently go into photoshop’s camera raw filters and further remove noise and texture to get to a suitable look, but then the quality of the image suffers. I wonder if it may be possible to create an algorithm that can be implemented into Denoise and/or Photo AI that’s specifically targeted at removing these patterns while maintaining as much of the detail as possible. Most of the time the patterns are just that, patterns. I’ve seen some pretty amazing things come out of these programs, I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be possible for them to understand how to detect and remove these. So i’m just throwing my voice out there, I’m sure I’m not the only one who detests these patterns and would love a quick fix that doesn’t destroy an image.

Topaz DeNoise 6 had a debanding control…

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