Modifying Textures in Studio2

Studio 2 textures module makes looking at textures somewhat faster but there are some things that could be changed to make it a very useful module. I use textures for a lot of my personal work and I also use it for creating backgrounds in the jewelry photography that I do forJewelry Artist Magazine. I’ve been creating covers, and project photos for many years.

First, and most important, it would be really nice if I could just add the texture that I choose as a layer without the main image. If I’m doing jewelry, I have to put a very precise selection on the jewelry… one of the things I’ve discovered, is that putting two or three textures together can give you a really nice sophisticated backgrounds… I would like to have the option of being able to move the backgrounds around and invert them. It’s a problem if I have to deal with an image that’s in it. It would actually be very nice if I could stack textures right in studio to see what they look like.

There’s a free plug-in called Adobe Paper Texture Pro which is really slick but I can’t add backgrounds to it because it only works right in an older version of Photoshop which I won’t use. I love your other plug-ins that I’m using but this one is a little frustrating because it’s limited.

You could do this in Studio 1 but not in Studio 2. Ask Topaz if you can have a copy of the original Studio.

If you own Studio 2 - you ‘own’ Stuidio 1 as well?

I think it would be a nice gesture

No I don’t

will do thanks