Modify previews to overwrite old previews

Unless I am missing something, I find that every time I modify a setting it creates a new preview and you can end up with a massive stack of multiple preview files. How about if you had a ‘modify existing’ or ‘create new preview’ option. This would either overwrite the option you are working on or create a new one?

I am waiting for months now to get an easy to use 1 frame preview. Fiddeling around with the Preferences is no option. Also having a single frame preview would speed up my work a lot!

You can alter the preferences so that you only have the most recent preview :slight_smile:

Awesome, I hadn’t spotted that. I guess the lesson learnt is read the instructions fully before diving in!

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I think your title should say “Modify previews to overwrite old previews”?
I believe you’re taking previews here not presets.
If I’m correct would you mind updating your title to say previews not presets?
If I’m wrong please reply and correct my understanding.

Hi Bill, you are correct, but this one has been resolved - it was in the settings.

Cheers- Simon