Moderators editing posts in threads

Beware a certain moderator around here, who shall remain nameless. He is trigger happy with his keyboard and will delete or edit your post, no matter how constructive or useful, simply because he doesn’t like it. It doesn’t matter that it follows community guidelines perfectly, once he has his eye on you he’ll watch you like a hawk, and your posts will simply vanish. Anyway, who am I to bring this up, I am just some user who spent hundreds of dollars on Topaz products in the last year alone. :roll_eyes::grin:


Interesting. Don’t let anyone keep you from speaking your mind. I would say “Thought Police are out of control now days” but Thought Police should have never existed in the first place. True or not, it is how you feel and you said something about it.


I can assure you anything that is “Constructive”, “Useful” and “Relevant” to a thread will never be edited or removed. Things that are removed or moved are inappropriate comments, irrelevant comments in a thread and other comments such as “advice” to Topaz Labs and their staff.

Here are the guidelines for posting in this forum, note there is a link in this thread and you should read all of this post including the link to another thread in this thread:


Being a Moderator is not an easy task. There is always the temptation to not be moderate in your responses, particularly after you’ve been burned a few times by not nipping things in the bud quickly enough.

There is also the danger of assigning evil intent where none was intended. This is often the case on international boards where the language and cultural differences lead to misinterpretation of meanings and motives. That’s a time to be cautious and humble, remembering that part of the job is being a diplomat.

Then there’s the trolls who love to lob a nuke on a touchy subject, and then sit back and wait for the entertainment when others start to argue. It’s hard to diffuse and you usually end up getting sideways with everyone but the troll who started it.

All-In-All I’d like to just say,
“Reasons that sound good, are not always good sound reasons, especially your own!”

That equally applies to all of us.

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Thank you for your response, and thank you for creating a new topic heading for the discussion. I appreciate the work that moderators do and it is often a thankless job. However, as a longtime user of Topaz products, I believe it can be constructive and invaluable to give “advice” to Topaz on certain new proposed features in an application and/or try to guide them towards solutions that, in my opinion, will benefit myself and other users in the forum. You may decide it is “sarcastic”, “cynical” or “derogatory” for whatever reason, but I assure you, this is not the case. Is it possible you are unintentionally doing Topaz a disservice by deleting or editing the post and not allowing Topaz to read my advice?