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Hi. I bought the Photo Bundle from Topaz today and the installation process is so damn los, wtf, I mean, i have 290mb/s download speed and everytime it comes to downloading models or other stuff while installation process the installation breaks or takes 9383872 years to end, i started the installation again 5 times today because it breaks always after reaching downloading stuff. Always on differen spots not specific models…it breaks or take years to complete…why this is so slow?


now it stucks here since 30 min:

Hi Johannes. I might be barking up the wrong tree here but, as a thought, do you by any chance have a V.P.N, Virus Protection switch on or some kind of blocker that’s preventing the software from downloading properly

Hello :slight_smile: I only have antivirus and I also deactivated it and it still didn’t work, also demonise ai has a problem and sharpen ai I can’t create an folder where the directory should be

Hi Johannes. It’s probably best to contact support, you’re find a link at the bottom of this page.

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