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As a brand new Topaz user I agree, I was trying to find model downloads and found one or two users on another site that shared pastes of seemingly all model links hosted on the official topaz domain (2000+ files/links, 100+GB total), but they were posted 9~4 months ago thus most definitely outdated by now.

This script is doing, uh, something, often insanely fast with many errors, but as another person said, it’s hard to tell what, or when it’s finished etc. I’m very confused with it.

I’ve just tried this. I placed the batch file provided by Topaz inside the Program Files-Topaz-TVAI folder, changed the Command Prompt window to that directory, and run it from there. It works but it’s slow due to the hundreds of separate files and various checks the system makes in between each downloaded file. I get plenty of ‘output file is empty’ and some other errors too, but it does work.

I have a gigabit connection and while downloading model files, there are many peaks at 200 to 400 Mbps - but the average speed due to the pauses is under 60 Mbps. It would make a huge difference if Topaz would provide and periodically update a zip file (or say half a dozen of them) containing all, or various sets, of model files. Life would be much easier then, and quicker too - for us and for the Topaz servers!

My current progress after nearly 20 minutes downloading is 197 .tz files totalling 6 GBytes so it’s slowed down slightly. I’ll probably give up if it hasn’t finished in half an hour lol.

EDIT: It’s just finished downloading after 40 minutes, with a “Stream has Ended”, and “Output file is empty” message. I don’t know if it’s everything but I now have the princely total of 313 .tz files totalling 13.6 GBytes of data. That’s less than I expected, but it’ll do nicely for now! Has anyone had more?

Thanks for the insight. How do I obtain the “batch file provided by Topaz”? Also are there any instructions on how to run such a file? Does it run from Topaz AI? I am not an IT guy, so any simple instructions would be most appreciated…

@ dave.bilger
There is batch file downloadable in the first post of this thread, you download that and then go to topaz video app and under the process tab there will be open command prompt, which you can drag the batch file into and then press enter. This is on windows.

@ any dev,
I started the process at 11am, it is now 6am on the next day and the thing is still going, is that normal? am at almost 80gb downloaded and 1386 files installed. how long is this supposed to take?

Not a dev but I ended up with only 13.6GB of .tz files, and that took 40 minutes on a gigabit connection. It never reached anywhere near that speed though, on any of the files. The biggest factor I found that slowed things down was that every file ran a server and security check before it downloaded - a single zip or 7z file containing them all would be WAY faster and would free up the server quicker too.

Will be interesting to know the total file size when yours complete, so I know how much I missed!

What’s the update on this? Need the models. Program doesn’t download models by itself!

The script is listed above, this is how you will download models for offline use.

I tried. It didn’t work. This thread is over 5 months old and still no better way?

Can you share what did not work?

This is the current path to download models for offline use :slight_smile:

Please, just post one file that’s zipped as suggested above, and the location to put the models. Simple.

Even better, have an option inside the program to download the models offline.

there used to be an option to download the models for offline use. They took it out about a year ago. Wish they would bring it back. It was SO SIMPLE.

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When will adaptation 3.5.0 be updated?

New scripts are now posted with Iris v2 and Nyx v1 :+1:


Where? Zip file available?