Model for cleaning up artifacts from VHS and analog TV

My main hobby is to restore and upscale videos of Whitney Houston’s live performances, music videos, and TV appearances. A great part of the artifacts that I deal with are not compression-related, but rather a result of the artifacts caused from bad analog TV reception and its recording on VHS, which caused even more distortion. A model trained to remove such artifacts would be much appreciated since I think many other users are using Topaz for a purpose similar to mine.

I completely agree with you @wdsongama. An AI that has been trained specifically to handle VHS artifacts, noise, jitter and other characteristics would be hugely beneficial to those that are restoring older footage. I tried Topaz for this purpose, but didn’t get solid results. I am now using Resolve’s Noise Reduction and/or with the Neat Video plugin and that seems to do the trick for me. Now, IF targeted VHS features could be implemented, I’ll try Topaz again. I’m not even interested in up-scaling, just cleanup.

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