Model download fails - No image processing due to missing model

As usual after updating one of the last steps is the model download, but this fails as so often. And I see from all the bug reports that many had this issue over time. Maybe that piece of code should be rewritten? I want to use the software for which I paid.

Also I would like to see the model version too, not only the Photo AI version, and PhotoAI should check after start if the model is available and up to date. Also I want to be able to trigger such model version check and download manually.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Update Photo AI

But not really reproducible because for some updates it works and for some not.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.4.2] on [Mac]

Reinstall by downloading the full installer from your account page.

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@marco.trosi Please disable antivirus, firewall, VPN, or proxy that may be on your computer. These are known to block the installer from downloading the model files.

will try. thx

thanks for you help
no vpn, no proxy, no virusscanner, only the macOS built-in firewall, but this would not explain why it sometimes works and sometimes not. If some software would block the download then it would always be blocked, right?, at least that’s my assumption.

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this worked again, as it did sometimes in the past.
but my ticket was more a general thing, not so much about solving this particular situation again.
I would prefer if it wouldn’t happen at all, and if it happens then maybe with an error message and hint, and not only hanging. I know it’s hanging because when I start the “task manager” it says “no feedback” on Topaz Photo AI. And that’s where I wish this would be fixed.
@tim.he is there anything I can do, like sending a logfile when it hangs again in the future?
I can also write a message and one of the developers can see it themselves when I share screen.

This can also be due to security settings on the internet provider. Getting logs for this issue usually only shows that the download is blocked, not the reason why it’s blocked.

I’ve done many screenshares and the cause varies across computers.

We are thinking about moving the model download into the application instead of the installer. This may get around those issues so the download works as expected.

hello @Lingyu
thanks for your response, I very much appreciate it.
I think to move the model download into the application is the right choice.
This gives the users probably a bit more control and we wouldn’t have to get and start the installer to fix issues of that kind. And model updates can be done without updating the whole application, right?
For me this sounds like a good move and I’m looking forward to it.
with this I think the ticket can be closed. Thanks everyone and have a great day.