Model Descriptions

Is there a page where the different models are described in detail, best with sample pictures or videos? I especially need information about how chronos V1, V2 and V3 differ.


Is there truly no information the differences between the chronos models? I have no idea which one to choose… I can only assume that v3 is the “best” because it’s the latest, and that they’re keeping the old versions for reasons.

I tried reaching out to support for info too. I’ll report back if I hear anything.

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Here is the answer I received from support:

"There is no real difference between the versions for each of the Chronos models. We allow users to access the previous versions of the models, which typically is unnecessary as the newer versions are typically more stable and better trained. The only key difference is between the Chronos models themselves; Chronos Fast and Chronos Slow Motion.

The Chronos Fast model was trained to interpolate and adjust the FPS in situations when a user does not wish to slow down the playback speed. This model processes much faster."

That’s all I needed to know :slight_smile: hopefully this helps others too!


That is the same answer i received from Topaz Support. Anyway they should post this information more prominent somewhere, maybe no-one will search and find it in the forums :),

Exactly what i was looking for.

Can someone explain “does not wish to slow down the playback speed” means - “Slow Motion” (under Model Parameters) should not be above 100% when using “Chronos Fast”?

Yes, just set Slow Motion to 100% and raise the Out FPS to raise this and let VEAI calculate additional frames to reach this higher fps.