MKV container

That’s exactly what I want. A one button use, highly specialized, efficient.

The possibility of upscaling audio resolution in the future would be great just as auto-detecting what enhancements are optimal and what are pushing it to the max, but for now, the program needs to keep the audio, in sync, with the upscaled video and the best container for that is MKV.

The moment I need to use other software, let alone a multitude of them, this program loses it’s worth regardless of the magic potential it has for old series, especially given the price tag.

Ease of use, compatibility and the rest. This should be the order of improvements. Or else VEAI’ll just be a niche for the likes of you whom prefer running in circles, wasting time editing videos, because it’s intentionally making things harder. So you end up paying twice. And time is more important.

Not gonna happen.

I purchased Topaz yesterday, but I prepared a simple ffmpeg based batch script util in advance, to mux the original audio to the Topaz output either frame converted video or interlaced upscaled output, both types not having audio conversion.

If I didn’t have my util or similar it is just slower having to add in the original video clip into NLE, (VP) to get at the original audio.

So if mkv would also solve that by being an output format, all the better, gets my vote.

MKV format didn’t have anything to do with my reply.

That was my first post here, I got it wrong by replying to you, I thought I was replying to the general discussion.

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All good!