Mission San Jose, San Antonio, TX

One of the many doorways and walkways in the Mission. I’m looking for a diagonal line.
Here’s original:

Here’s the result using TS2 from within P.E. 15


Diagonals often make the picture much better. Your picture has a few diagonals in it but your processing hasn’t helped. To demonstrate, I applied some tone mapping, saturation increase, cropping and sharpening (Sharpen AI) to enhance the framing and the diagonals that are there. Also, adding a blue gradient to the sky gives a better look for the sunny day.


Yes, definitely a big improvement over what I did to it.

I like the capture a lot. There are a lot of interesting ways of looking at the image and I like what you both did

Very nice !

Nice image, Harry! I like the processing, too but would lower the opacity of the effect a little bit

Thanks Ken.

Thank you Pierre.

I’ll try that Peter. Thank you.