Missed Feature from Video Enhance AI

I really miss the ability to select a range of the input file to be processed. I am working with files from an 8mm film to digital converter that are created at 20fps. With the old program I can select a portion of the 20 fps converted file to up-convert to a frame rate recognized by Davinci Resolve or FCPX. Since most of the reels of film have been created from a lot of individual clips this makes for an easy way to separate them digitally.
With the new program I have to process the entire file which make take 12 hours of processing to extract a portion that would have processed in 5 minutes.

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I agree.

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Yes. This is important

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Trim then apply not work for you?

As I mentioned neither Davinci Resolve or FCPX support editing in 20fps without them performing some kind of retiming. I want to just import into Video AI, choose the part I need and convert to 24 or 29.97fps. How would you suggest I trim the footage because I can bring it up in Video Enhance AI and do just that but not my video editing software or Video AI?

It’s not the best trimming, but should get you to where you can open it in something else that trims better.

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Thank you so much for pointing this button out to me. I can honestly say that I had never noticed it the hundreds of times I have opened up this program! This does allow me to do exactly what I need.

Now if I can get my Mac Studio to run faster I should be in business!

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Yes, you are right. I miss the old interface of Video Enhance AI!!

I really miss the I/O shortcuts for trimming in the new video AI. Can’t they just bring it back?

When toggle previews with up and down arrows, it would be useful if the list do not stop at the end (for best blind test results).